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Our core areas of Data Management

Excalepro Service Portfolio

We help you to install the right Data Governance to manage your data in a formal & trustful way.
Data Governance
We help you to improve your Data Processes to reduce costs, to increase efficiency and to automate your processes.
Data Processes
We support you in transforming and improving the quality of your data. Continuously supplied, high-quality data is the basis for the long-term success of a company.
Data Transformation & Quality
We support you in operating an efficient data maintenance and data analytics solution to support the best possible decision making in your company.
Data Processing & Analytics

Excalepro – Service Portfolio building blocks

Data Governance building blocks

Data Governance

We help you to install data & process governance in your enterprise based on a maturity assessment of your current situation and oriented on your business goals & strategy.

Data Controlling

We help you to get a better understanding of your costs and benefits and of the saving potentials of your data improvements.

Data Valuation & Value Assurance

We support you in valuating your data and perform a risk assessment on your existing or planned data maintenance solutions.

Data Compliance

We ensure that your data are fully documented and internal and external rules are followed and full compliance is ensured.

Data Processes building blocks

Data Process Consulting

We help you to restructure your data processes including the connected roles & responsibilities and help you to introduce one standard in your company.

Automation of processes

We help you to identify process steps which can be automated and help you to realize the calculated saving potentials.

Data Transformation & Quality building blocks

Cleansing & Deduplication

We help you to identify the cleansing & deduplication potential in your data and design and implement solutions to perform a permanent decluttering.

Enrichment & Manipulation

We help you to identify missing information in your data and build and implement solutions to enrich and manipulate your data.


We define retiring rules to archive data with you and then we install them to ensure you have a continuous archiving solution in place.

Data Identification & Classification

We help you to define, install and run internal and external identification & classification solutions.

Data Processing & Analytics building blocks

Data Quality Management

We help you to define the right KPIs to measure data quality & set up a data quality management solution for you.

Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics

We help you to improve your analytics solution and support you in introducing predictive analytics in your company.

Meta & Reference Data Management

We help you to structure your meta and reference data and implement respective solutions for them.

Data Maintenance

We help you to improve your data maintenance solution, ensure it delivers high quality & even can perform steps automatically for you.

Data Migration

We help you to prepare high quality data for a data migration and support you also to perform a data migration.

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