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Data management yes – but how?

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Erwin Braumandl

Data management yes - but how?

Initial situation

Up to now, no particular focus has been placed on the maintenance of data and the data quality provided to the functional departments. An established and structured data management does not exist or is virtually non-existent in the company. It is unclear how the situation could be improved or how a journey could look like to successfully set up data management.

Data management workshop

Depending on the scope (e.g. data domains), we conduct a one- to two-day data management workshop together with the stakeholders with the following objectives.

  • Create a joint transparency about the current/initial situation
  • Create an understanding of what it means to establish data management and to understand and define the expectations of the stakeholders regarding the goal of the journey
  • Develop the next steps for a “data management roadmap”


Excalepro provides a summary of the workshop (“Management Summary”) and a recommendation for action for the next steps to introduce data management in the organization.

And with the necessary support from the management for the proposed path, the implementation of data management can be approached in a targeted

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